Kennedy Gallimore

I was born a “Love Child” on 10/10/66, in Palos Verdes, CA.  I was adopted by my parents at birth.  In fact, my father, Dr. Lindbergh Gallimore, M.D., performed my circumcision. I never knew my birth parents; and, my birth certificate shows my adopted parents and does not mention adoption or other information.  My adopted parents were both, from Jamaica and raised me in that culture.  However, my adopted parents were divorced by the time I was 3 years old.  I enjoyed my childhood growing up in Los Angeles, California, with my mother.  I spent a couple years in Jamaica during and after the divorce really buried the whole separation in my mind.  When my mother and I  returned to California, it was time for me to start my primary education.  My mother was a Registered Nurse and was an administrator at a small hospital, in Pasadena, CA.  She worked so hard, even on weekends, and such long hours that I hardly ever saw her.  Sadly, I cannot remember ever seeing my mother happy.  She shouldered everything from my existence to the care of other family, in Jamaica, and of course to the general public, which she unselfishly served.  I spent a lot of time with other relatives in South Pasadena and eventually moved to South Pasadena, CA.  At age 9, my mother died and I was sent to live with her sister, Auntie May, who has been my parent since the age of 9.  Auntie May is my mother’s youngest sister and they had a special bond.  When my mother became ill with cancer, Auntie May shut down her entire life, in New York, and relocated all the way across the country to California, to take over for my mother. She was  basically thrown in at the bottom of the 9th inning, tied score, with bases loaded and no outs, and she came right away. My father was an eloquent, poetic philosopher with the ability to walk with Kings and Paupers offering each of them his love and respect.  He was also, one of the first Black Medical Doctors to have his own clinic, in Los Angeles, attending to patients like Muhammad Ali, Red Foxx, as well as patients from the ghettos of Compton and Carson, CA., Although my father was still alive, when my mother died, his journey had not prepared him to be a full time single parent.  

After my college education at Watterson College, in Pasadena, CA, in 1988, I moved to Florida and created a successful financial services business and mortgage brokerage firm from 1991 to 2008.  I also trained corporate sales leaders and VP’s to help them become more productive and how to master their mind and mindset for business development.  The money was rolling in.  I was jet set on vacations and cruises and burning the candle with a welding torch.  At that point in my life, I truly thought that, “against all odds”, I had made it.  I was living the dream! I was supposed to be happy.  I thought I was and I kept buying more toys to make me happy.  Instead, I was on a free fall away from happiness.  I was looking outside of myself to feel happiness within.  In retrospect, I can see that I was such a poor steward of money and blind to what happiness really was and where it comes from, that I needed a “subtle” reminder, and that came in just an instance…  Now, I was a pretty hard headed, over confident guy, so I realize that the universe knew “subtle” wasn’t going to phase me., so, in 2008, I saw everything I had worked for fall apart.  I was sitting at the closing table with mortgage clients, waiting to get a funding number, and the title agent comes back into the room, after a long time away behind closed doors, and she says, “The lenders number is disconnected.  I was able to reach an underwriter on her cell phone and she says that the bank building is locked. Another time the lender answered and told us that they had filed for bankruptcy and could not fund any loans.  I watched my business struggle for life and saw so many first time home buyers lose their deposits and had no where to go. Some of these people had their entire household on a moving truck.   As the story unfolds,  I lost my family, my home, my independence, my drivers license, my income and most days I thought I had lost my  mind.  I often thought that this was just a dream, or an altered reality.  It wasn’t all dark though.  During this time I also met a wonderful life partner and I became aware of things that needed to be changed.  These things were all in my power to change.  I realized that I could make better choices and that I didn’t have to keep punishing myself for the past. I could love myself, if I was true to myself, if not, I was just letting me down.  I realized that I was the only one in charge of my thoughts and I consciously decided to think of what i really wanted and what I really am here for.  I have been here for over 1/2 century now and I am still making mistakes; however, with mindful awareness, I continue to see improvements in my life, my health, my energy, my relationships and my business.  They are not always running effortlessly in harmony, but when they are not, I look for what I need to adjust and what lesson am I needing to learn.  

I started these Programs as a sort of “Self Discovery”.  I have always been fascinated by the writers, in my family.  My grandfather, Hon. G.W.A. Gallimore, Minister of Agriculture &  House of parliament, for Jamaica, early to mid 1900’s, had only the equivalent of a high school education, and authored a wonderful Self Help Book entitled “GEMS FOR THE THOUGHTFUL”  a treasure to read with mindful insight regarding Love, Politics, Business, Religion and Etiquette, and  my father, Dr. Lindbergh A. Gallimore, a well educated Doctor of Theology and Medical Doctor, who authored, “THE MAGIC PRESCRIPTION”  (1972) which prescribed peace, unification, acceptance, solidarity and connection of each life to another with a grand central connected conscious.  This connection happens when we “vibe” or reverberate with nature and the natural flow of events.  According to “The Magic Prescription”, when we are not pushing or retracting from the natural flow of life, we are in harmony and enjoy harmonious lives.

My mission is to help others create and enjoy their best lives ever! We will help you overcome fear and learn to enjoy life outside of YOUR present “Comfort Zone”.  As our name, Mind Body & Soulful, suggests, we are focused on living happily with mindfulness, good healthy bodies and abundance.  This may seem like something that only works for some people, but I am willing to prove you wrong!  I believe that most everyone can life a great life.  Most people just “think” their way to poverty, poor health, bad relationships and average sexual experience.  They think thoughts like, “I don’t have any money”, or  “I don’t feel well”, or they are always fighting and arguing with the people they are around, or they experience sex mindlessly without LOVE racing through the act aimlessly to the finish.

In my past careers, I have been a corporate trainer, sales manager and entrepreneur. I had been coaching and training high level, successful people in doing tasks to be more productive for me or others.  Now I take some of the same methods that worked best to effect fast, positive, measurable and lasting change in employees to motivate you into changing your life and body into an exciting place for your soul to live!  

Being raised by a family of medical healers who understood the science of health and natural wellness, has led me to operate in The Self Help and Holistic Wellness area because it gives me great satisfaction to be able to help someone who thought they had no way out, achieve that mountain top experience because they sat down and invested the time to do something about changing their personal reality.

With our proven coaching and empowerment strategies, we can help you become the person you want to be and live the life that you want to live!

I am so certain of this truth that I am willing to offer a FREE 1 hour Initial Discovery Coaching Session with you!  This world could be such a great place if we all took some time to live Mind Body and Soulfully! 

Feedback & Reviews

We would love to hear from you and we appreciate you taking the time to offer your feedback.

* * * * *   “I have attended a few retreats, but I’ve never had a stay like this before! The moment you pull up to the property, you feel warm and welcomed. My girlfriend and I were here for our anniversary and I opted to have champagne, candles, flowers and chocolate covered strawberries upon arrival. The setup for this was so beautiful! There was a greeting with our names with champagne on ice when you walked in, soothing music, one of the most beautiful bouquets in the living room and strawberries and rose petals in the bedroom. It was literally the most romantic thing I’ve ever seen. Then, there’s just this picture perfect view of the lake no matter what part of the house you’re at with this beautiful long dock. Curled up in that comfy bed waking up with that view was amazing. You walk right out of your bedroom outside and you can sit and enjoy you coffee and watch the fish jumping. Good coffee maker and plenty of pans and dishes to use! We spent a lot of time there because with the tiki bar they have with a sweet pool table and being able to make food we didn’t really want to leave. LOVE the outdoor shower! The indoor shower was wonderful, too! There’s just so much peace and good vibes there. Every little touch of decoration goes so well and reminds you to relax, breathe and just enjoy yourself and your surroundings. Vacation here. You will not regret it. “

Shannon & Laura January 2020

Retreat Guest

* * * * *   “Great place for a getaway! My husband and I spent two days exploring the area and Runaway Bay made for a great place to retreat to after a busy day of hiking/kayaking. The sunset view was amazing at night. We felt at home. Kennedy made sure to make this stay unique and personal. Five stars all around. Overall, one of the most hospitable hosts and enjoyable places I’ve stayed. We would love to return!”

Olivia & James December 2019

Retreat Attendee


* * * * * This was a beautiful retreat and exactly what I needed to let my hair down… it was perfect. I found the wifi and password and a lot of other information on the guest app.  It was a great place to just be surrounded by tranquility and nature and the cottage was immaculate. Very warm home and cozy to the smallest detail. Overall 5 stars


Kat - October 2019

Retreat Attendee

What can I do for you?

Everyone has an insight, a voice that comes from within ones soul. This is
the voice responsible in influencing and directing us throughout our life.
That voice is constantly telling us “Get up right now! Take charge of your
life and Manifest YOUR Destiny”.

I’m a Life Coach Practitioner helping others with personal growth and development

Manifestation of Destiny involves transforming yourself and taking charge of your life. If you stay stagnant then life will not happen for you. You might never experience the true potential of yourself. Life is not only about the style of living,
sleeping, eating, working and travelling but to explore, experiment, observe, thoughtful processes and taking risks towards change.


I’ve worked with people who have addictions, mental and emotional disorders

Change leads to improvement. So an important question is how to
improve? How to bring about change within one’s self?

For that purpose, what you need to do is to take actionable steps to
improve yourself. Push yourself out of the traditional and the “comfort zone”,
family values, controlling powers of other human beings and meet the real
you! Knowing your true self will definitely transform your life.

Let me help YOU Live YOUR Best Life Ever!