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Here is YOUR Personal Upgrade Program - You 2.0 with Twenty./20 Vision This self study course will allow you to finally figure out How To Be The Best Version Of Yourself and Live YOUR Best Life Ever! . A proven system to make positive changes in any area of your life Designed to help clarify your goals, focus your energy and radically change your life. All you have to do is just be open to learning and you must be willing to break out of your routines, habits and mindset. The fun in discovery comes from the excitement of exploring the unknown – the uncertainty and doubts faced when on a journey. Now imagine you’re an explorer looking for an uncharted land. You have no idea where you will go or what the outcome will be, yet you know that there is something out there for you… Just be brave and journey on. When you do, you’ll notice what a great discovery it is! It’s not just the physical things you’ve found, but also what you have discovered about yourself during the journey. From today onwards, let’s all make some discoveries about how beautiful the world is and finally discover more about ourselves! THIS COURSE IS OFFERED AS A SELF STUDY COURSE, WORKSHOP OR RETREAT.

The Beginners Guide to Meditation Power

If you are in Florida, you can schedule a private guided meditation session with Mind Body & Soulful, or you can attend a meditation group. However, if you are not able to attend in person, You can now access this perfect tool for beginning meditation practitioners or regular meditation practitioners. just don't know where to start, this online course and included workbooks are great tools to help you clear your mind and learn the techniques used by top level athletes, CEO's, Coaches, Guru's, Actors, Church Leaders, Monks, Mystics and Biblical Characters to channel energy and achieve beyond belief. In order to live more fulfilled lives, we must set intention to the things we want in our lives. Based on The Laws of Attraction, through meditation you can manifest anything you desire; but, YOU MUST Attract those desires as you would attract anything else, by courting your desires, giving total attention to your desires, be there for your desires. Most people continuously recite all their negative thoughts and therefore attract negativity and then continue to reaffirm their thoughts. An aspiring actor who was, at the time, living in his car, wrote himself a $1,000,000.00 check and promised to cash it with money he made from work as an actor. Within 12 months "The Mask" hit theaters in July 1994 leading the box office in its opening weekend! The movie would go on to earn $352 million worldwide! Meditation, Visualization and Manifestation are quickly becoming the way that CEO’s prepare for and train their upper level management for success at work and in business. Successful people all around the world, in Europe, Asia, The Netherlands, Canada and Australia, etc, have been meditating alone, or in small groups for year, in some places for thousands of years; and, based on the outstanding results being achieved, meditation as a common practice, in The United State of America is just around the corner. Meditation, to some with little understanding, seems meaningless or mystical or against their "religion"; however, most of the leaders written about in the Bible, Quran, Torah, etc. practiced deep and ritualistic meditation to connect with God. In fact, if one is truly praying, they are meditating. Prayer typically is not even a conversation because most peoples prayers are like this, "God I have to pay my rent next week. Please send money. Amen". The meditative part of prayer is waiting in silence for the other party to respond however long that takes. Sitting still in silence for 5 minutes, in itself, can be a difficult. Practice of meditation, regardless of your religion can help you live a better, healthier, happier, spiritually connected life.

Exploring Tantra for Couples

Exploring Tantra for Couples is not offered online, but as a one on one or small workshop which explores the connection of Tantra to L.O.V.E. (Living One Vibrational Energy) Let me ask you a personal question? Are you having average to below average sex or are you having exceptional lovemaking? To embody the quintessence of Tantra, “Nothing exists that isn’t divine,” doesn’t mean to intellectually understand it, but to live it. Although Tantra isn't about sex for pleasure as much as it is about lovemaking for making love, the taboo about sex has made Tantra seem like a dark 50 Shades of Grey, Eyes Wide Shut type of ritual. In fact, if more couples practiced tantric love, there would be less porn and sex addictions and sexual battery, rape, etc. The practice of Tantra promotes Self-realization and love for everything as everything is divine and dependent on each other. Tantra lovemaking rituals are used to go beyond the mind and enter higher states of consciousness. But, this does not define Tantra as just "sex". Tantra is not concerned with sexuality or its suppression. Sexuality and lovemaking are seen as a divine means for spiritual growth. In a nutshell, the "Tantric Vision" is to see and experience ALL of life and its energies as divine manifestations. Tantric Love practiced for self love or for a couple, involves self awareness, mindfulness, gratitude, connection and focus. The end result of Learning and practicing Tantric Lovemaking may be one Explosive Climax or a series of toe tightening orgasms. Tantric Lovemaking may or may not include genital penetration. Tantric Practice aims to connect and synchronize the physical "wild animal" to the passionate Heart with total in the moment presence and no inhibitions or judgment.

Absolute Yoga 

Absolute Yoga is a great program for yoga students and practitioners who want to go deeper into the spiritual and advanced postural poses of Yoga. This course is designed for self study. Live, in person, Yoga Instruction is available for one on one and small groups as well.
As you start your yoga journey, it is necessary to keep in mind how important your mental attitude is for success. Bodily agility and flexibility will come with practice. But to begin practicing, you need the correct mindset. For a beginner, it can be very confusing. Just picking out the right yoga outfit can be a headache! Then, how do you decide which yoga practice is the best one for you? So, start by relaxing and consider the following your road map to successful yoga practice: First, Rid Yourself of Expectations If you have viewed pictures of yoga poses and have decided that you could never achieve that type of agility, keep in mind that it undoubtedly took years, perhaps decades, for the model to get to that level. He or she was specifically chosen for his or her expertise. Yoga is non-judgmental; it is not a competition. Although with practice, you will naturally improve. Age and body shape are mental limitations and have no effect on your ability to begin yoga practice. If you are physically unable to do a particular pose, there are dozen other poses you can master. Find the Right Teacher As you’ve probably figured out in high school and college, the right teacher can make a huge difference in any class. If you don’t feel motivated and inspired by your yoga class, perhaps the teacher is wrong for you. This doesn’t mean the teacher is bad in any way, but he or she is not helping you meet your goals. Consider whether the teacher is teaching things that you need to learn. Regardless how good the teacher is, if he or she isn’t helping you meet your needs, look for another one. Your best friend may rave about her Hot Yoga class, but if this isn’t for you, you need to keep looking for another class. Perhaps you want something less physical and more spiritual. There are plenty of yoga teachers out there, and one will be just right for you. Are you moving toward your goal? A good teacher will guide you step by step along the journey. If you feel at a standstill, perhaps the teacher is not for you. A good yoga teacher is available before and after class for his or her students and will listen and address individual concerns. If your teacher is not approachable, find one who is. Don’t hesitate to ask your teacher about his or her training or philosophy. The best type of teacher is someone who views yoga as a continuous work-in-progress and is still studying with his or her own teacher.

The origins of yoga are firmly steeped in history. It is a gentle age old practice that works on the body, mind and spirit in a holistic manner. It was formed in India over 5000 years ago, although in those times, yoga was very different to the practice of today. The classical period is defined by the Yoga Sutras which is the first presentation of yoga, written in the 2nd century, describing Raja Yoga – and this is often denoted as classical yoga.  Although the teachings of yoga are spiritual, in the Western world, those interested in studying yoga will choose whether they wish to focus more on the physical application of yoga or to include the spiritual elements. Some yoga students care little for the history, while for others, there is a greater appreciation of how yoga has evolved through time. 

Getting Out of YOUR Comfort Zone

Everyone has fears. Nobody likes to feel embarrassed, uncomfortable or like their boundaries are being pushed. That's why people find themselves eating the same foods, living the same routines and working at the same job. It's their comfort zone. It's where things are familiar, restful and normal.  It's also were many people get stuck. It's where they keep themselves from reaching their full potential and from achieving their dreams. It keeps them from enjoying all that life has to offer.  Living in your comfort zone robs you of growth and new experience that keep your life exciting, fun and worth living. It keeps you from changing personally and advancing in your career and life. You are probably familiar with how the subconscious mind sometimes sets out to sabotage the conscious mind. This is not to say that you have a split personality, but the subconscious does play a role in the human mind. A long time ago, the subconscious mind could have been responsible for your safety. The fight or flight syndrome where you were faced with imminent danger required you to make a decision on whether to stay or to flee. However, today, through research, study, and best-selling books we know that the subconscious mind may overact every now and again. The subconscious mind is made of perceptions of events and occurrences from the past. It is the only thing we have to rely on to make current and future choices. However, living in the conscious mind is where you are truly awake. The subconscious is made up of events and stories from the past while the conscious mind is completely present to the moment. There are a few good tips on how to stay and live in that conscious mind. Live in the Moment How many times have you found yourself thinking about an altercation that occurred yesterday while switching over to worrying about something next week? When you live in the moment, whether you are driving your teen somewhere or washing a dish, you are truly present to the conscious mind. If you are driving with your teen, for example, be present to him or her. Notice the way her hair falls or how he has a little bit of a crooked smile when he grins. Be present to the person right in front of you in the moment. If you are washing dishes, feel the warmth of the water, smell the scent of the soap. Take on Meditating If you really want to program your conscious mind, take on the art of meditation. Meditating will help you differentiate between the subconscious and the conscious mind and you will learn about the different levels of brain waves such as alpha and beta. You will learn where you will have more control of your conscious mind, as well. Make a Choice No matter what, you always have a choice as to how you feel and you also have a choice as to how long to feel that certain way. You can choose to look at an ending as a new beginning and a closed door as an open window. Choosing your own thoughts is a great way to program your conscious mind.

Tai Chi for Health & Wellness

The slow and meditative movements of Tai Chi, as well as the mental qualities it engenders, make it an excellent follow-up to a yoga practice. Yoga poses build strength and endurance by holding various postures (asanas) for several breaths at a time. Some styles of yoga, specifically vinyasa, link the poses into a series of flowing movements. In general, the pace of yoga may be faster than Tai Chi or less fluid.  The continuous slow-motion movements of Tai Chi may be applied as a series of counter postures to soothe the muscles and joints following a yoga practice. It may also assist with smoothing and calming one’s energy in preparation of Svasana (corpse pose) the final pose of a yoga practice. During Svasana, the body and mind are allowed to rest and integrate the benefits of the yoga poses.  Practice Tai Chi To Prepare For Meditation.  Depending on how they are practiced, both Tai Chi and yoga can be moving meditations. Each uses the breath as a focal point and guided movements or postures to build strength and direct energy in the body. While Tai Chi explicitly offers moving meditation, it can be argued that yoga’s meditative qualities are more implicit and come with extended practice.

365 Manifestation Power

This powerful course is a must for anyone in any type of leadership position. If you're a CEO, Mother, Father, Coach, Manager, etc. who wants to make a real difference in their life and the lives of others. If you're familiar with the law of attraction, then you probably know that the law of attraction alone will not automatically manifest the things you want in your life. The Law of Attraction will simply present the opportunity. There's one more key ingredient that's needed and that is, taking action!  Even if you know what action to take, there's still so many factors that are keeping you from manifesting your inner desires.  And, most of the time, it's fear that's stopping you from taking the necessary action.  Fear of rejection... Fear of failure... Fear of not being good enough... And in most cases, there's a chance that you have many other fears but you just are not aware of them. However, those fears can manifest themselves into your life and keep you from living to your fullest. Think of one of your fears. Chance are it has something to do with not having something like money, a place to live, good health, good relationship, etc. More than likely, whatever your fear is, you think about it all the time and it affects the way you make decisions, how you treat yourself and others and how you live. Now, whatever your fear was, is it something that could kill you if you didn't have it in 3 minutes? Probably not, right? Most everyone who reads this would die within 3 minutes if they did not have a breath of air; but, it is not likely that your fear was not having another breath. Was it? When we are in good health, we do not worry about our next breath because we trust God, the process of life, our body and the universe to be connected to us subconsciously, all looking out for our good without need to worry. If we can learn to let go of fear and worry and focus on the good we want in our lives, then we can begin to live a life by design instead living a predictable cycle of negative experiences. That's where 365 Manifestation Power comes in. This course and included workbook is typically used with weekly or bi-weekly coaching programs, but it can be used as a self paced course and has daily tasks to keep you focused. With these lessons and reflective exercises, you will be able to overcome your fears starting with learning how to become aware of them and how to properly deal with them so that they do not prevent you from living your best life ever!   Be sure to check it out today.  This course is for anyone who wants to finally be able to manifest their greatest desires into reality.

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